Aamii Nebula 2084!

I’m into this.


Opaque Matte Lipstick - $6.99




A (text) was sent to me this morning, I responded appox:103 minutes later.I always tell these humans get their facts straight before they start their name calling and arguments, because the worse situation to get into is one which you end up looking like a ass. I believe this young ignorant human woman thought I was going to go back and forth via text and over the phone about these assumptions she had, I still await her response on us meeting.
To be continued. …

Very mean thoughts..

The construction workers didn’t do a great job at paving the sidewalks, they totally forgot to put that pregnant bird bitxh in a hole and pour cement on top!
#thieves #pregnantthots #wickedhumans

I laughed so loud I think the neighborhood heard me!

I’m so old.

Sorry friends who have sent me inbox messages, I just learned how to check this bloody inbox on my modern day high tech phone , all this swiping.. I will be sure to reply to all my messages shortly.

I hate air -condition so I am just going to deal with as the island people do,

I hate air -condition so I am just going to deal with as the island people do, ..

Of course!

Of course!

Food first!

I have homework but I rather eat first then calculate all the particles I ate 😆😆😆
I love food, I was born to eat.